Wooo Whooooo

It was a total crazy house with all the presents at the Banowetz Christmas ..

We screamed with excitement over the gifts that jut kept coming..
I didnt get a picture of Zane byhimself but we sang and I made him an oreo ice cream cake!!


Where is Reese


a few friends came over ...

they keep coming ...

they keep coming...

the end

yummy lunch

Some one was smart - for Zane's class they brought in and out for all the kids 


Christmas Concert

Ellisa Hum Taylor Willow

Sha really does like to sing

A best friend in all things


Laughs and stealing

Grampa and Grama looking good. We were so lucky to have her at this party cause a couple of weeks later she passed away. She was in a great mood and feeling great at the party. She is a wonderful person and we will miss her so much!!!
Love you Grama GGma

Newly weds- as always they were conspiring to take the good gifts home!

Echo and her boyfriend Daniel, He is funny and fits in with our family just fine. His white elephant gift included a picture of him with a mustache and in 9th grade. Super classic. Im surprised we got a picture of him being normal - he likes to pull faces in the camera.

My Bro Jeff

Reese tried several times to get a picture of secret sister in law.  This is a good as it get. I have to keep it cause it shows how hard it is to get a picture of Kristi and I.(Inside joke) Opps I told who it was.  

Linda hosted the Eberle exchange this year and she went all out with the food. She had sooo many finger foods and desserts- everything was yummy and we ate all night.


PJs and plates

Lime Green team
Pj Christmas Party
I tried to win the contest but it was a popularity contest, i did get the gift I wanted though
a hand made plate by Jen Coarse
Lee Ann Goodwin is our fearless leader and in the pix Tara Smith, Chantel, Jen and Julie Maupin


Hot and Cold

For Thanksgving break we went to Palm Springs- Keith had never been and so it was a lot of fun to see the mountains and the play in the hot sun in the coarse of 3 days. We did a little shopping one day,rode the big mountain tram and played in the snow another day and then swam in the pool and got some sun on the last day. we had fun laughing at each other and scaring each other in the elevator. Zane got to begin his birthday festivities with a new scooter. We left Thanksgiving day and headed to my moms for some good eatin'. We loved palm springs so much we will do it again!!


A differnt kind of Halloween

Here is me on halloween night. All three kids went with friends so Keith got the pit out and there we sat giving out the kids candy with out any of our own kids. It was kinda weird - lots of our ward came by. We even had  a surprise visit from Thing One and Thing Two. Kinda scary literally to think of those two things out by themselves being weirdos -I know they had fun cause they were loud.
 It was a warm night like always and the pit out front was awsome. Plewes and Robertsons came to hang out for a little while too.



Can i have some spiders on my meatloaf please?

Robertsons invited us for a torcher meal- We had to eat the coarses all mixed up - we had to eat dirt with worms, spiders in our jello, eat with wodden spoons and spatulas- it was crazy. Good ol' Lynnley and her awesome traditions. We were so lucky to be part of it this year . 
Haunted Halloween


Saturday Soccer

We love this time of the year when we can watch the kids at their games. We had an extra special day with Grama Geri ,Grampa Joe, Scott, Kristi,and Kaitlyn!!


My Little Pumpkins

We did the Pumpkin patch for Willow's Bday. She really wanted to do the big bungee swing. She and Taylor went wild at the patch. They had a blast. Reese liked the bungee too.

Birthday Girl

She is almost grown up. 14 and going one 24. Willow loves to cook and loves food. She loves to hang out with her family and friends, go shopping, out to eat, sing, listen to music, play on her Ipod  and of coarse facebook!! This was her birthday dinner at Macaroni Grill. Look at how beautiful you look Willow!!
You are gorgeous and we love you!